Botlek Portfacility B.V Shipping

Sea transportation is one of our top-priorities. We will take care of your cargo shipment to/from from around the globe, as well as USA, Africa and Europe. Thanks to direct contact with main shipping lines principals, our sea freight rates are the minimum ones. Tanker vessel movement is being accurately tracked by our agents in all ports, ensuring the most efficient control over the shipment.

Botlek Portfacility B.V Terminal offers full container ocean shipping on as many as 10-12 different “direct” carrier contracts. This enables us to offer multiple carriers per trade lane each with variable cut off time, transit times and cost structures. You can fully customize your supply chain to reflect your cargo’s desired timeline: scaled pricing structure, reflecting desired turnaround and cost to most all transits cost requirements.

Need to ship less than a full container, no problem. Botlek Portfacility B.V Terminal offers weekly consolidation services to/from over 50 plus countries that we service. Even if you purchase from multiple suppliers within a given geographic region we have the capability to consolidate your “less than container” (LCL) shipments into a single consignee full container - helping you maximize efficiencies and reduce shipping expenses.

Cargo Handling

Botlek PF Liquid Cargo Handling

MPS (Botlek PF Pump Services) Premier Class Off-Loading services and
(submersible) pumping equipment, Expert advice, assistance and solutions
to challenges before, during and after the transfer/transshipment of
liquid bulk cargo.

Transfer Services

Botlek PF STS Transfer Services

MTS (Botlek PF Transfer Services) STS transfer : Expert operation where
cargo/crude oil/petroleum products/liquefied gas are transferred between ships
made fast alongside each other. Such operations may take place in port,
at anchor or underway.


Vapour Control & Recovery Services

MVCRS (Botlek PF Vapour Control & Recovery Services) MVRU-1100 The only true
GREEN solution to degassing and VOC emission challenges. Botlek PF offers a total
mobile solution for the industry.

Salvage Support

Salvage Support

The Botlek PF Group; Reknown for Excellent Portable Pump Solutions. Team Botlek PF
is also synonym for "turn key" solutions and as such Botlek PF has served the
Salvage Industry since 1981 with Expert Marine advise, personnel and equipment.

Marine Department

Botlek PF Marine Department

RBS (Rotterdam Barging Services) Shipping division of the Botlek PF Group. SWTC
(Shallow Water Tug/Crane) "Kevin C" a versatile self propelled marine work
platform, expert Marine Transport Crane, a superb dive support vessel.

Fi-Fi Equipment

Botlek PF Fi-Fi Equipment

ME (Botlek PF Engineering) Botlek PF Fire Fighting (Fi-Fi) units are self-contained,
extremely compact, lightweight and built according to internationally recognized
standards. Since 1981 Botlek PF specializes in building extremely compact / lightweight
units and our FiFi - 750 is presently redefining compact.

All Pumps

All Pumps and Powerpacks

The Botlek PF diesel-hydraulic / electric-hydraulic powerpacks self-contained,
extremely compact and lightweight. Built under ATEX specification and since
many years the platinum standard in the industry. Botlek PF Engineering also
builds and designs to customer specification.


Sales, Rental and Repair

Since 1980 Botlek PF is operating Portable Pumps, PowerPacks and other equipment
in their field of Liquid Cargo Handling. We can offer our customers portable pumps,
powerpacks for all types of liquids. Cargo filter/reconditioning units, cargo heaters,
Fire Fighting units and much more.