As a large company involving many people, the management of health and safety is an important responsibility. To avoid any risk of accidents, Botlek Portfacility B.V has introduced a culture where involvement and awareness lead to intrinsically safe ways of working. Health and safety management also applies, of course, to the products that Botlek Portfacility B.V stores and delivers. The company ensures that the quality of all products under its responsibility is preserved. The same awareness and responsibility applies to its environmental management, which has led to improved operational methods and the more efficient use of resources.


Botlek Portfacility B.V is very clear when it comes to all aspects of health: ” Botlek Portfacility B.V does not take any risks”!

‘Healthy products, healthy employees’

Botlek Portfacility B.V takes full responsibility for preserving the quality of its clients’ products. Each is handled according to the highest standards. Botlek Portfacility B.V ensures compliance with all the requirements regarding the safe handling of products.

The principles of Botlek Portfacility B.V’s health policy apply to every employee and every Botlek Portfacility B.V location and vessel. They clearly define priorities and roles. The main goal of the policy is to build consensus and to inform workers about safe and healthy working methods. The company also puts a high priority on ergonomic workplaces by, for example, avoiding heavy lifting.



Botlek Portfacility B.V maintains the highest standards of safety appropriate to its type of business. Handling large amounts of oils and fats requires a clean and safe working environment and safe working methods.

The principles of Botlek Portfacility B.V’s health and safety policy
  • Arrow To act fully in accordance with regulations as described in the Dutch legislation on working conditions, the European health and safety legislation and any further legislation that applies to the logistics and transportation industry.
  • Arrow To maintain a quality management system throughout the organisation in order to eliminate error and to achieve the highest level of safety for every employee.
  • Arrow To investigate and analyse the occurrence of incidents and to take corrective measures to prevent any re-occurrence.
  • Arrow To apply thorough risk assessment. In this way, sensible measures can be applied to control health risk at each workplace.
  • Arrow To invest in reducing risks by offering clear instructions, adequate training for employees and proper support.
  • Arrow To achieve a culture where safety is a shared value among the staff and is reflected in the attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions of all employees.


Botlek Portfacility B.V is fully committed to running its business in a way that respects the environment and minimises the impact on it. To achieve this, Botlek Portfacility B.V constantly checks its operational procedures and makes sure that appropriate and effective technology is used.

Botlek Portfacility B.V also places a great deal of importance on the responsible use of energy and environmental awareness. Energy consumption is limited wherever possible by implementing effective measures and using smart systems. Every effort is made to reduce waste output. Workers are trained to reduce wastewater, energy consumption and the use of chemicals. Botlek Portfacility B.V conducts its environmental policy through proper governance and fully complies with the environmental legislation.


Extensive quality management over the last 15 years has resulted in a far-reaching renewal initiative for the terminals, barges and equipment. As well as improving general operational safety, this has brought the quality of the terminals and ships up to the highest level.

A totally renovated infrastructure New pipes have been installed, electricity cables replaced, a new steam boiler put into operation and more than 50 per cent of the tanks have been renewed, a substantial proportion of which are stainless steel.

The risk of breakdown or contamination of products has been minimised with the newly developed automation system. This controls pipes, connections, valves and tanks in such a way that human error is virtually eliminated.

Fast, clean and safe. That’s to everyone’s benefit.